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The annual historical-archaeological journal of Suna & İnan KIRAÇ Research Institute on Mediterranean Civilizations has been published continuously at Antalya since 1996 and bears an ancient name of this historical city founded by the Pergamene King Attalos II ca. mid 2nd century BC.

The scope of ADALYA covers studies of history and archaeology and relevant disciplines regarding the research, documentation, conservation and repair of the historical, archaeological and cultural values of the Anatolian Mediterranean, i.e. the rich geography including "firstly Antalya and environs" comprising Lycia, Pamphylia, Pisidia and Cilicia, and interpretation of its relations with the cultures along the rest of the Mediterranean coastline

From the 2005 volume of Adalya, VIII onwards, the articles are indexed in the A&HCI (Arts & Humanities Cititation Index) and in the CC/A&H (Current Contents / Arts & Humanities). "Adalya" has also been listed in the "German Archaeological Institute's" (DAI) listing of abbreviations.